Fundraising on the Drive!

14 May

Do you like Fair Trade? Do you like shopping? Do you need to pick up a Father’s day, Graduation, Teacher, or host/ess gift for the busy summer season? Do you live in the Vancouver area? Then listen up, because this fundraiser’s for you!

On Saturday, June 16, 15% of all purchases made at the Ten Thousand Villages  Commercial Drive location will be donated to my SALT funds! That’s right – you go shopping, and at the same time automatically support ME!

Doesn’t that mean you’re taking 15% from the artisans who made the product?

Nope! The artisans have been paid in full before the product even makes it to the store – that’s the beauty of fair trade! The fact that I get 15% is the beauty of this fundraising partnership.

I’ve never shopped at Ten Thousand Villages, what do they even sell?

There is something for everyone. Home decor and furnishings, rugs, bags, toys, books, jewelry, chess sets, lanterns, soap, coffee, tea and chocolate are just some of the many cool things available to you at this not-for-profit store! All the products are fairly traded from around the world, so you’re sure to find something you like and rest assured your money continues to go to a good cause.

What? “Not-for-profit”? “Fair trade”? You keep saying things I don’t understand! 

Oh, I’m sorry. Why don’t you go straight to the source, and find out more? Here’s the Ten Thousand Villages website.

Okay, I think I get it now. But I’m still not 100% sure I should come participate. What else can you throw in to sweeten the deal?

Funny you should ask! In fact, I will be at the store that whole day, and I will have cupcakes (among other treats)! So to sum up, this day entails: shopping, eating my delicious baking, and chatting with me to your heart’s content! Not to mention, Commercial Drive is a great place to be in the summer. When you’re finished at TTV you could grab a delicious coffee, walk to the park where there will be a free public cello concert that day, or enjoy a great ethnic meal at one of the many restaurants! Now, do you really have any excuses not to come?

No, I guess not!

Great! So mark your calendar, and I will see you there! (Click here for the location.)


3 Responses to “Fundraising on the Drive!”

  1. Sophie Tiessen-Eigbike June 19, 2012 at 1:21 AM #

    How was your day on the Drive, Deb. I saw this note a bit too late. What a wonderful idea. I hope you had a great time to talk and engage with people and thanks also for promoting “Fair Trade”!!!! Hope a few new customers came by ….

    • Deborah June 19, 2012 at 7:50 AM #

      It went great! The bad thing was the rain, but it still ended up being a good sale day nonetheless!

  2. Natasha May 19, 2012 at 12:24 AM #

    I hope to be there! This is awesome!!

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