One Month To Go!

9 Jul

We are exactly ONE month away from my departure (to Akron, not Korea). Hooray!

If you please, I’m going to treat this post as my feelings journal for a moment.

I am…

  • Trepidacious
  • Agitated
  • Eager
  • Thrilled
  • Nervous
  • Bubbling over!

My family (and possibly friends, though I think a number of them are still in denial and/or are forgetting that they need to hang out with me while they can, hinthinthint) is beginning to realize I’m going to be gone for a while. I think it hit Heather (my sister) when I mentioned a movie I wanted to see, then realized it wasn’t coming out till October, when I will be gone (for curiosity’s sake the movie is called “Pitch Perfect”). More and more of these moments keep occurring, too. Yipes!


  • Last week I got to meet all of the SALTers from BC (minus 2 absentees). It was great! We ate pizza and talked about all the places we were going, and what we’ll be doing there. If you’re a pray-er, please pray for Frank, Lizzie, Rachel, Jonathan, Tyler and Leanne this week! Between the six of them, they’re going to Bolivia, Indonesia and Laos. Exciting!
  • My visa is in the works. I had to scan and send off a bunch of documents to Asia, which was no small feat, considering the dismal state of our scanner and my scatterbrain. Why I needed to pay $10 for new passport photos on top of my passport itself is something I still don’t understand, but then again I suppose ten bucks is a small price to pay for passage into a new country (hey, I suppose now would be a good moment to thank all of you who’ve donated to my fundraising! Obviously it’s going pretty well!).
  • Vaccinations are – oh hey! I’m going to Korea! I don’t need any vaccinations! So that’s one less thing I’ve had to worry about in this whole process. 🙂
  • My room is in shambles, because dear Heather has requested she get it while I’m gone. That’s totally fine with me, but I’m finding it difficult to figure out what to do with all the STUFF I’ve accumulated over my lifetime!
  • The other side of downsizing all my stuff is starting to decide what to pack…it’s a challenge! But, I found a great link to help me learn what’s available and what’s not in Korea. First things first: stock up on deodorant, because apparently “Koreans don’t stink”, and it’s really rare and expensive there!
  • Fundraising is also going well! Due to the underwhelming interest in my last idea – and, mainly, the fact that I’ve almost reached my goal of $5000, I’ve decided to drop my “I’d Pay to See That” fundraiser. Personally, I think you guys are missing out on some funny stuff, but I’ll do my darndest to keep you laughing through other endeavours. Talk to me in September – I’m sure I’ll have some good stories stocked up by then about how I’ve embarrassed myself in my new culture. Seriously though – THANK YOU if you are one of those who’ve given toward my year away! You’re contributing a lot to MCC and KAC, and even more to my own growth and development as a decent, learned, globally-minded, spiritual, conscientious human being!!

More updates to come, as I count down the days!

Peace & Love



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