Still No Visa, but All Should Be A-Okay!

27 Jul

For those of you wondering about my Visa, here is a short but sweet update…. As soon as we arrive in Pennsylvania for orientation, MCC will courier all documents to the Korean embassy on our behalf. They’ve been in contact with the embassy and are not worried about our getting them back in time to arrive at our assignment as originally planned. Praise God! No matter what happens, he is over all things, and we should be able to trust that he will work for the good of those who love him. Can I get an amen?! Thanks to everyone for continued prayers.

Meanwhile, in other recesses of my mind…and because I can’t seem to write a post that only contains one subject matter…

I am required to return to the States for re-entry next July. While I can’t explore more of Asia, it could present an opportunity to visit some Eastern United States while I’m there. Where do you think I should go? (Yes, this is just a ploy to link to my new fave commercial. But I’ll also use this opportunity to plug the work MCC does here in North America! IVEP, or the International Volunteer Exchange Program, is the opposite-equivalent to SALT, where young people from around the world come to live and work in Canada and the United States for a year. Orientation brings together all SALTers and IVEPers!)

Where the adventure begins and ends…click to see my new favourite commercial about this “Land of Dreams”! Amazing that our own continent has so much to offer.


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