Potential Friends 2: The Outcome

12 Nov

In my last post I mentioned my upcoming weekend away. Now it’s Monday evening and I have to say – it was a blast! Not only did I get to know several new people, I got to:

  • Eat a new McDonald’s treat: an Oreo espresso sundae. (And fries!)
  • Laugh at Parks and Recreation with people who “get” it.
  • Ride a ferry to a small island, watching the people hold out shrimp crackers for the flock of seagulls to swoop down and eat straight from their hands. (Karen was successful!)
  • Eat a humongous lunch, then top it off with cotton candy.
  • Climb several hundred stairs up a mountain to a giant Buddha carved into the cliff face. Saw several monks and worshippers, got a headache from the crazy amounts of incense up there, and enjoyed the colourful lanterns and amazing view.
  • Stay at Naomi’s House, a retreat centre that is a ministry out of this one woman’s vision. It is used as a retreat by many defectors.
  • Watch Leap Year and get surprisingly (read: overly) into it.
  • Eat abundant amounts of Pepero (it’s like Pocky), because 11/11 is Pepero day in Korea (because they look like 1’s, I’m told. Because of this, I forgot about Remembrance Day…now that is ironic).
  • Enjoy a relaxed at-home church service with the group – about 10 of us, on a lazy, rainy Sunday morning.
  • Go to Costco for the first time! It is exactly the same as the American/Canadian ones, right down to the hotdog at the end (they also have berry sundaes, but I’ll save that for when it’s warmer). I wasn’t able to find cumin or molasses, but I was able to find cheddar cheese at a reasonable price, and 40 tortillas for $9! Finally! Tex-Mex, my love, how I’ve missed you!

All in all it was a fantastic weekend and I’m SO glad I went! More future plans with these fine people are sure to develop soon.


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