February is the Shortest Month

17 Feb

I just spent three hours composing a long new post, only to decide not to publish it. I realized the last few have all been more on the introspective side, and I didn’t want to do that to you again. Still, if you’d like to read it, ask me and I’ll send it to you (deborah dot wiens at gmail dot com). Now for a few short updates and some lurvely photos!

The last few weeks have been a fun mix of regular activities. We welcomed Jiwon into our home and, even though she’ll still go home on most weekends, I think she fits in nicely here. Her first week here, three of us watched the documentary “Babies”, because it’s got barely any talking and therefore language barriers, and it’s cute. And there’s a Mongolian baby in that film! We oohed and ahhed over all the Mongolian landscape shots, and it pretty much settled the deal that I’ll visit Doogii one day.

Last week was Lunar New Year – the other big Korean holiday beside Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to witness much “authentic” celebration, but no, I’m not that upset about it. I took advantage of the long weekend, visited my Connexus friends once again (watched Argo, highly recommend), and then visited Seoul on a whim of independence. Quite honestly,  I needed to get out of Chuncheon for a while. I meandered around the big shopping area called Myeongdong, realized it was all cosmetics stores, and then decided to hit up the National Museum of Korea. The weather was crisp but sunny, so I got a coffee and walked around the little park there. Remember how happy that made me in Shanghai? Nothing’s changed. I felt a much-needed resurgence of “I love Korea” feelings, and I was happy to go back to Chuncheon that evening. (This video sums it up nicely!)

Yesterday Doogii and I went on a looong walk toward the Lady of Chuncheon statue which I’ve passed a number of times but never got a picture of till now. It took us 2 hours to get to her from home, and then we decided to walk towards Chuncheon’s Myeongdong for a dinner  of coffee and baked goods at the Paris Baguette bakery. A Saturday afternoon well-spent!

This coming week promises a few new and exciting events. First off, I’m starting a new English class, with two ladies. It will be Bible-based English study, so probably a little different from my other classes. I’m also leading my second cell group! Last week I led the study on Esther, this week I’ll do Job. Next weekend is another YALT reunion. Are they happening more often than usual, or is time flying? I’m excited to visit Chuncheon’s Nami island with those girls and both my roommates.

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Thanks again for reading, and have a good one!



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