Nami Island, Ice Fishing, and Norebang

24 Feb

I’ve just said goodbye to my YALT friends, who have left Chuncheon after 2 very short days. Time well-spent! They arrived on Friday evening, and we all had dinner with Kyong Jung’s family. Shepard’s pie, mixed green salad, buns! Delicious and very nostalgic. On Saturday we slept in, waking up to the wafting scent of Alex’s french toast (made complete with fresh strawberries and bananas). Then we decided to take a walk to Lotte Mart because, well, you can never really go to Lotte too often. Then it was time to go home, pick up Doogii, and head out once again, to Nami island. For those not in the “know”, Nami is where the famous Korean romance drama “Winter Sonata” filmed some pivotal scenes. In the drama (yes, I have watched some of it), it always looks like this desolate, beautiful, quiet place to fall in love. In reality, it’s littered with touristy “attractions” which are more cheesy than romantic. Examples of things to see at Nami include ostriches, strange inexplicable breast-feeding statues, fake tee-pees, a statue of the stars of “Winter Sonata”, bridges, soju bottle and other art installations, gift shops, and hundreds of other people. Not relaxing or desolate, but very fun in a group of six girls. Once it was dark, we decided to trek back home and reward (gorge) ourselves with pizza and chicken. Today (Sunday), we went to church and enjoyed the first Korean food of the weekend for lunch. Soon after we had to start saying goodbyes.

This week also marked my first women’s-English-bible study session. It went pretty well, but I’m glad to have Jiwon here to help translate the difficult stuff! I also taught my kids, which continues to go well. They are wild, but seem to be absorbing what I teach them, so that’s good! I continue to have tons of fun with them. The time flies by whenever I go to teach them.

My women’s English novel-reading group is also still going strong, but this past week we did something a little different – they took me ice fishing! How strange, to sit in front of a hole, with a small plastic stick, and wait for a bite as you shiver against the wind. Why should that be as exciting and fun as it was?! I caught 5. (They were very small, like a baby carrot, so don’t be that impressed.) What I loved most about it, though, was the occasion our little excursion became. When we needed a break, someone pulled out the camp stove and boiled water for ramen. Someone else pulled out a thermos of coffee and offered real whipped cream as a topping. Then we ate lots of regular AND triangle kimbap, too (because everything’s better in a fun shape). The fishing ended up seeming incidental to the winter picnic. It was great.

Last Sunday was also the first time I went to norebang (the Korean word for karaoke). It’s different from North America-style, where you’re typically pushed into singing in front of drunken strangers in a bar. Here, it’s not quite so nerve-wracking. You pay by the hour and go into a private room with its own screen, mics, and disco lights, and you and your friends can go crazy singing into the night! (Though people outside the room can hear your miked voice. It’s pretty funny just to stand outside and listen to the off-tune bleating of several occupied rooms!) There are tons of popular English songs to choose from, so I sang my way through an eclectic mix of Nirvana, Sixpence None the Richer, Adele, and Maroon 5. We went on what happened to be my six-months-in-Korea “anniversary” (technically it was my friend Heather’s belated birthday celebration). I’ve been wanting to go to norebang for quite some time, now,  so it was quite appropriate. I’m so glad I finally went – I will be requesting this activity for my own birthday festivities!

I have no idea what this next week brings, but I also have no doubts that it will prove both fun and challenging. Pray for me and my English groups; pray for me to have patience in all circumstances, and keep a servant-like attitude. I have less than five months left here, and I want them to count!

Thanks again for reading.


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2 Responses to “Nami Island, Ice Fishing, and Norebang”

  1. Darlene Splane Gurnett March 5, 2013 at 9:21 AM #

    I can not believe how quickly time is passing. I have truely enjoyed reading your blog and oohing and ahhing over your photos.
    This trip for you,has been a prayer trip for myself.
    I will really miss this prayer adventure and the blogs sharing another world from you.

    Thankfully there is still Five months to go !!!


    • Deborah March 5, 2013 at 11:12 AM #

      Wow, thanks, Darlene, that is so encouraging to hear! Thank you for reading and praying. I’m glad this blog has benefited you, too! Say hi to your lovely family! 🙂

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