Acronyms & Abbreviations:

I will be using a lot of buzzwords and acronyms on this blog. Please use this section as a sort of dictionary, and a source for further information.

MCC: Mennonite Central Committee, the international relief agency under which the SALT program runs. See the website here.

SALT: Serving and Learning Together, the one year program that I am currently a part of. See the website here.

KAC: Korean Anabaptist Center, my place of work while on SALT. See the English website here.

IVEP: International Volunteer Exchange Program, a one year program bringing global participants to Canada and the U.S. See the website here.

YAMEN!: Young Anabaptist Mennontie Exchange Network, a 1-year MCC and Mennonite World Conference-run South-to-South exchange program. See the website here.

YALT: Any participant of the SALT or YAMEN! programs!

ROK: Republic of Korea, the official name for South Korea (this is the country I am serving in, and I will usually just refer to it as Korea!)

DPRK: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the official name for North Korea

DMZ: Demilitarized Zone, a strip of land running across the Korean Penninsula and the border between North and South Korea.

Fun Stuff:

Learning to Speak Korean: here.

An online guide to Chuncheon: here.

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