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Life is Beautiful

8 Apr

Forget traditions and focus on meaning. That’s the goal here, whenever another holiday creeps up and I realize I can’t celebrate the way I traditionally do. This Easter was challenging on a few different levels. Emotionally and socially, I felt a little bereft. But I quickly realized that’s exactly where my heart needed to be, in order for me to focus on meaning, and be filled spiritually.

First things first; Good Friday. The day traditionally reserved as the day Jesus dies. I was almost able to put myself in the shoes of the disciples who, in the very simplest of terms, had to say goodbye to a friend. This year, I did the very same. I lived with Doogii for seven months, knowing the whole time that she’d be leaving back to Mongolia come February or March. Unlike the disciples, who never understood Jesus’ warnings, I was able to prepare for it – but darned if it still struck me as incredibly difficult!

A joyful moment with my favourite Mongolian!

A joyful moment with my favourite Mongolian!

Momentarily stuck in a state of surreal disbelief, I hugged my friend goodbye, and watched her be driven off. I was able to fight off the tears, but that’s only because I sometimes have nerves of steel. What made this so difficult? There’s the glaring possibility that I may never have the opportunity to visit Mongolia as we both wish. I’m determined to make it happen, but you really never know what curve balls life could throw your way. But then Doogii chose her last words to us before leaving, and they were “see you again.” Not only does this sum up her eternal optimism, but it’s also the God’s-honest truth. Whether it be on this earth or the next, I will see her again. Continue reading