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A Trip to Lotte World

29 Jun

011A couple of weekends ago, Jiwon, Yunju and I took an early-morning bus to Lotte World. The entrance was entrancing, all pink, sparkly, and filled with cartoon characters and small excited children. The woman who sold us our tickets (which came at the very reasonable price of about $22) was dressed in a pink outfit that looked like something Sleeping Beauty would wear if she got a job as a flight attendant. Looking down the line, I noticed that all the female vendors were in pink, while the lone man was in a complimenting powder-blue ensemble Prince Charming would be proud of.

Find me.

Tickets in hand, we boarded an escalator which ascended into a child-at-heart’s paradise. Hard to believe we were still indoors, but already I could see a teacup ride, a flume ride, a pirate ship, an inverter ride, and several “hot air balloons” circulating the ceiling. The roof itself was a sunny glass dome, and the room was filled with sky-high plants, lame but well-intentioned animatronics, and music. We spent a little time in there, riding the flume and the ship (still one of the best thrill rides ever invented). Then we decided to head to the outdoor section of the park, before the hot afternoon sun showed its worst. Here I emerged, once again, into an atmosphere of pure excitement. Excitement!A Disney-esque castle stole the view, people were screaming in glee and terror on the roller coasters and thrill rides, and literally through it all the monorail moved steadily on. We immediately tried out the Gyro-drop, which is flat out the scariest ride I’ve ever been on. It slowly lifts you up into the air, only to completely drop you without warning. As I plummeted toward the earth, I noticed my ability to scream replaced only with the more embarrassing ability to grunt in agony. It was a short drop, but long enough for me to reflect on why I’ve never gone bungee jumping and certainly never will. When we were back on firm ground, it still took me a minute to stop shaking enough to get out of my seat. At this point my adrenaline kicked in, I started laughing, and my brain tried to do that thing where it tricks you into thinking you’ve just had the time of your life (rather than having your life flash before your eyes). Continue reading