This timeline is a rough estimate of where I will be, and when. Watch out for any changes, as much of this will likely be updated.

  • August 8 – Leave Vancouver for Akron, Pennsylvania to start SALT orientation. Will be travelling with other SALTers from BC.
  • August 16 – Fly from Akron, to Chicago, Chicago to Tokyo, Tokyo to Seoul. Will travel with other SALTers going to Korea.
  • First 3 days in Korea – In-country orientation for all SALTers, after which we will separate into our respective towns/cities
  • First 6 weeks in Korea – Language training
  • September 28-30 – Travel south to Busan, for Korean thanksgiving weekend
  • October 5-7 – SALT/YAMEN! reunion & welcoming NE Asia country reps to Korea. DMZ tour on October 6.
  • November 23-25 – MCC retreat in Beijing, China! Will meet up with other MCC workers in the region.
  • November 26-December 2 – Solo travel in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
  • December 14-16 – Bi-monthly “YALTer” Reunion. Christmas baking and ice skating.
  • February 22-24 – Bi-monthly “YALTer” Reunion. Explored Chuncheon’s Nami island.
  • April 12-14 – Bi-monthly “YALTer” Reunion planned.
  • April 16 – My birthday! 25 in Canadian years, 26 in Korean….
  • End of April – Help KAC welcome Stuart Murray to Korea, for a 2-week speaking tour. April 22-26: travel along to Seoul, Daejeon, and Busan. April 29-May 1: join a retreat in Gapyeong.
  • Beginning of May – Help KAC welcome Eastern Mennonite University students to Chuncheon during their 4-week learning tour.
  • May 19-25 – Vacation to Jeju Island
  • July 15 & 16 – Welcome Jessica, the Alex and Cindy back to Chuncheon one last time. Party it up for a day & lament about our mixed emotions.
  • July 17 – Leave Korea. Fly from Seoul to Guangzhou (China), to Los Angeles to Atlanta, to Harrisburg – 36 hours in transit!
  • July 18-23 – Back in Akron for 5-day re-entry with all SALTers. Will hear and share stories about our year.
  • July 23 – End of assignment year!
  • July 23-25 – Visit Washington, D.C. with friend.
  • July 25 – Fly back to Vancouver (via Minneapolis).
  • July 26 – Back to the real world! Reintegration into Canadian & family life.

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